How to Restore an Old Handsaw




Introduction: How to Restore an Old Handsaw

- what is up guys, In this video I will be showing how you can restore an old rusty handsaw with a bit of sanding, polishing and replacing an old broken handle with a 3d printed one.

Step 1: Removing Handle

-Ok, so lets get started. As you can see my saw was in pretty bad condition due to a long term exposure in a very humid areas. Furthermore, the handle was broken so we need to replace that with a 3d printed one.

- I firstly remove 3 screws, that were holding the handle in place and after that I measure it and started modeling a new one in a solidworks.

Step 2: Modeling

- A great trick when modeling a copy of any part is to take a picture of most detailed surface and trace the edges of a model in the picture so we can extrude it to a needed height. I also applied a few chamfers and made 3 holes for the screws.

- Moreover, a 1 mm groove was cut in the middle of the handle so we can fit in the saw blade.

- After that I just slice it and print it with my printer.

- The estimated print time was around 3 hours so in the mean time lets clean and polish our saw blade.

Step 3: Sanding / Polishing

- Firstly, I tried removing the rust with 200 grid sandpaper that did the job perfectly but there was still an unusual oxide layer on the saw blade, so I tried using a dremel tool but there were not much difference so the last idea that popped into my mind was to use a vibrating sanding machine.

- It removed most of the oxide layer, so we can finally polish it for a nicer look.

Step 4: Assembelling Back Together

- So when the handle was printed I clean the support material and install the handle back to the saw blade.

- I am really happy with the results, The saw looks pretty aesthetics but the only thing I would change is the thickness of the handle where you hold it.

- It is a bit too thin for my hand but if you put a hard foam around it should be ok.

- I hope you like that instructable, please leave some comments if you have any suggestion how would you improve/change it.

Step 5: Watch a Video

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Just had the idea for doing this a few days ago ...But I don't have a 3D Printer. This should be useful in the future, thanks!


    Reply 2 years ago

    i restore mine too. instate of 3D printed plastique, i used a piece of wood, made a hole of the hand, used epoxy+ 3 bolts scew for the fixation to the saw. some sanding and apply a rubber to dont hurt the hand while using it. work as a charm! :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    How do you cut the slot/groove for the saw blade/plate in the handle? By hand? I think I can do it.


    Reply 2 years ago

    if you dont own a jig saw, just make a lot small holes with about 1mm between each one, on the line that you drawed to be your handle. then use a hammer to pop the piece of wood, you get a rougy surface, just use some sand paper or a file to polish it. and you good to go ;)