How to Reuse an Old Calendar and Transform to a Note Block :D


About: Hi! I'm a brazilian student of veterinary that loves to reuse thinks and create pieces that use seeds, paper and plants from my region ;)

If you have the habit of leaving messages to their relatives in the refrigerator, this can be a new way to leave your message!

Step 1: Choose an Old Calendar

First of all : an ancient calendar

Step 2: Sheet for Reupholster

I use recyclable paper, cut in half ;)

Step 3: Reupholster the Old Calendar

Il this quick speed video you can see how I do it, but you can make as you fill more comfortable :)

Step 4: Decorate the Cover ;)

I use a mixed midia: quilling paper (that you have here so adorables instructables that I'll not dare to teach) and coloured pencil ;)

And then pick a piece of paper and make a frame!



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