How to Revamp Your Old Converse




This instructable will show you how to personalize and reuse your old converse with a couple of simple items. You don't have to follow my instructable all the way, you can add your own flair and designs. Nonetheless, enjoy :D

Step 1: Materialz

You will need:

>Old Converse
>Some varied colors of acrylics
>A palette
>Thin and medium brushes
>Super glue
>Fabric scraps (felt works best-it bonds better and is more durable)
>Any material durable enough to make a stencil ( i used cardstock)
>Glitter glue

Step 2: Clean and Shiny

First off, you should take a rag, wet it with water, and rub in the tiniest amount of soap to wipe down your converse...we don't want our glorious work to be ruined by some mud, do we now? 

Let the converse dry completely (10-15min) and then begin your work.

Step 3: Your Design

So, i was inspired by these Jeremy Scott for Adidas can see them here. They had beautiful wings on the side, and i decided to make that one element of my converse, on the outer side of my shoe. 

Also, i decided to make a design on the inner side of the shoe...a colorful skyline on one, and a view of the sea on the other. I sketched them out on a piece of paper, then drew a faint outline on the inner side of my shoes with pencil.

I went as far as to list the colors i wanted for my skyline. You can also do this, so you know what colors to mix when you get on to painting.

If you are also making the awesome decision to have a wing, make an approximate mark where you want it to be. (see pics for more!)

Step 4: Make Your Wings

I cut my stencil for my wings out of lightweight cardstock, then marked my shoe to the exact place i wanted it.

Then, using the chalk, i traced the outline in two pieces of my felt, and then cut them out.

To highlight that they were some beautiful wings, i traced an outline of some feathers on the ends of the wings with glitter glue. Leave it to dry while you paint your design. (see pics for more)

Step 5: Painting Your Design

First off, mix your colors and grab some water to clean your brush. Make sure you can actually see the outlines of your design, and if you can't, go over it in a thin black sharpie. This way, you can paint over it and it won't bleed in contact to water.

Settle down, get comfy, and go for it!

Step 6: Gluing the Wings

By now, the glitter glue should have dried. If it hasn't, then you should possible wait, unless you are reckless, like myself. 

Within the markings you have made, put generous amounts of superglue on, making sure to cover at least 75% of the area with superglue. This will ensure that your wings never come off.

Press your wings down firmly onto the alloted area, making sure it is perfectly between the markings. Now, you must wait for every thing to dry. (which takes quite a while.)

Step 7: Bask in the Glory!

Now that you paint and glue have completely dried, put your shoes on and model them for everyone. Stomp to get attention if you have to.

Pat yourself on the back for some awesome work!

If you really want to, add some glitter glue to your designs for extra oomph. 

AND, if you want to go the whole nine yards, use a paint pen or spray paint and some masking tape to make a stencil on the rubber toe of your shoe.

Enjoy your hard work! 

~Juicy Fruit



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    3 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 3

    instead of copying it from your paper and risk messing up get some contact paper... thats what i do when ever I transfer pictrues from paper to fabric :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Those are soo cute. too bad I would fail badly at this. :/