How to Rewind BLDC

  • Rewinding BLDC motor

Step 1: Introduction

BLDC (Brush Less Direct Current ) Motor most offen used in drones .but unfortunately it will burn during heavy work load .so i will instruct how to recover it inorder to save few bucks

Step 2: Remove the Pin

Step 3: Removing Coil

  • remove the out runner
  • use screw driver as lever mechanism to remove the coil

Step 4: Winding Coil

  • Follow the images
  • wind as tight as possible
  • clear instruction given on video

Step 5: Decide the Connection

  • Go for delta connection u will get more speed

Step 6: Putting Back the Coil

  • apply some epoxy to fix the coil tightly

Step 7: Test the Motor

  • connect to ESC
  • run a test drive



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    4 weeks ago

    Thanks for the explanation