How to Rip a Board Using a Table Saw

Introduction: How to Rip a Board Using a Table Saw

To rip a board, first thing you need is a table saw, wood, and safety glasses.

Step 1: Adjustment

Adjust the amount you want to be ripped or removed. You will do this by unlocking the fence. What I did, was put a sample piece between the fence and blade. You can also use a tape measure if you don't have a sample piece. You will then adjust the blade to where it barely sticks out the top of the board. Once your finished, your ready for the next cut.

Step 2: Cutting

When you have everything ready to be ripped, you need to put safety glasses on. Then you will turn on the table saw. Be careful, use high caution when ripping the board. You want to try to keep your fingers as far from the blade. When ripping a board, it means cutting with the grain. Once it is all the way through, you have ripped the board.



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    I never have to worry about cutting fingers when ripping lumber as I have a power lumber feed.Another step always check to make sure the fence is parallel to the saw blade to prevent binding and kick back.

    A good basic instructable.

    Here is an idea for your next one.