How to Rock a Closet Cosplay!! (Juuzou Suzuya)

Introduction: How to Rock a Closet Cosplay!! (Juuzou Suzuya)

    Hey, guys I'm back with yet another Cosplay Instructable. This time, I'm going to be showing you how to rock a closet cosplay. Lets face it not everyone has the time, money, or energy to make a cosplay from scratch. Things happen; budgets get tight and things can come up out of nowhere but, that doesn't mean that you have to wear some half baked costume. By just creating a cosplay with objects you already have or salvaged from the thrift store you can still look good and no ones the wiser. So, here are my hints and tips for building a closet cosplay that will leave all your friends jealous.

    Step 1: Picking Out Your Cosplay

    So, when picking out a closet cosplay I find it is best to choose a character that has a fairly simple outfit. (For me this character was Juuzou Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul.) Now, I'm not saying you can't pick a character with a complicated costume and a lot of armor but, it will be to be way more difficult.

    Step 2: Gathering Your Materials

    Next, your going to want to analyze your character's costume to decide what pieces of clothing you can easily buy and which pieces of your cosplay are going to take up more time. Pieces of a costume that cannot be easily purchased from a thrift store or pulled out of your closet are items that you may want to buy online or make from scratch. (Juuzou's suspenders are a good example of this I couldn't easily pick them up from a thrift store but, I could make them from scratch.)

    The list of Materials I came up with for my cosplay are as follows:

    • Black button down shirt
    • black over coat
    • black wig
    • black slacks
    • red slippers
    • red hair clips (came with wig)
    • red suspenders (or suspender fasteners)
    • yellow fabric
    • double sided interfacing
    • red and yellow thread
    • red embroidery floss
    • Joker playing card
    • Candy

    Step 3: Fitting Your Cosplay

    After gathering your materials you will want to tailor your costume so that it not only fits you well but, also looks like the character you are trying to cosplay as much as possible. (For example when I was putting together my Juuzou Cosplay I decided that I needed to gather and hem up the pants so that they looked closer to they way Juuzou normally wears his in the anime.Then, I created some red and yellow suspenders to bring the look together.)

    Step 4: Details

    Once you've tailored your outfit to fit and look as close as to your character as possible; it's time to personalize it by adding small touches that might not necessarily be shown in the comics but, adds to your character's persona and gives your cosplay a unique twist. (While working on my cosplay I purposely wrinkled up Juuzou's outfit , added a bunch of random stitches to his shirt, and attached a Joker card to the inside of the shirt pocket.)

    Step 5: Make Up

    Next, browse youtube or any other site for ideas and tutorials on how to apply makeup that will make your character look more realistic.

    (Some of the makeup tutorials I looked at for my costume were as follows)

    Step 6: And Your Done!!

    Finally put your costume on go out and have fun!!!!

    Step 7: Resources

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      Question 1 year ago on Introduction

      hiii :) i am trying to cosplay juuzou but when searching juuzou re the black shirt and red/ yellow suspenders show up. however in the anime throughout re he only wears the white shirt with black jacket and red/white suspenders. where did you see him with the black shirt and red/ yellow suspenders ? i started backtracking epi's but i cant find this outfit anywhere