How to Roll T-shirts in AF BMT




If you are preparing to go the USAF Basic Military Training then this instructable is for YOU!

Even if you aren't joining the USAF, you can still benefit from this instrucable, and learn how to neatly roll your tee shirts for ease in putting away laundry and packing in tight spaces.

This will show you how to roll your tee shirts like it is required in BMT. You will have a leg up on the instruction and will be able to perfect the craft of rolling tee shirts before you even leave for BMT. You will also become a VALUABLE asset to your wingmen in BMT and will be able to show the everyone how to roll tee shirts, and impress your Military Training Instructor.

Watch this video from and follow the steps below to create your own rolled t-shirt.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Things you will need:

Tee Shirt


Lint Roller



Disclaimer: Be careful when using the scissors to cut the small strings off the rolled shirt that you don't snip the tips of your fingers.

Step 2: Lay Sand Tee Shirt Flat and Face Down.

Lay the tee shirt so that the front is facing down and the collar is to your right.

Smooth out as many wrinkles as you can. This will make smoother folds and no bunching in the tee shirt as it is folded and rolled.

Step 3: Fold Shirt in Half Away From You

With the side of the shirt closest to you, pick it up and fold it away from you. Be sure to even the edges up and ensure they are flush on the sides and bottom of the tee shirt. Also even the sleeves together and ensure those edges are flush also.

Step 4: Fold Sleeves Onto Shirt

Fold the sleeves together back onto the shirt. They will be folded toward you. Again, ensure all the edges are even and flush.

Step 5: Fold Sand Tee Shirt in Half

Fold the sand tee shirt in half toward you once again. If you've folded it correctly you will have a long slim rectangle shape. Ensure the edges are even and flush all the way around. This will set you up for success on the next step.

Step 6: Begin Rolling the Shirt

Starting at the bottom edge of the shirt, begin rolling in a circular motion all the way up to the collar.

Step 7: Roll and Smooth

Continue to roll the tee shirt, evening the edges and making them flush and smoothing out wrinkles as you roll.

Step 8: Finished Product


Tweak your finished product by smoothing out any remaining wrinkles, use lint roller to remove any lint or fuzz, scissors to clip any strings, and tweezers to pull out edges.

Once completed you now have a properly rolled sand tee shirt in inspection order for AF Basic Military Training clothing drawer or simply a sleekly rolled tee shirt to place in your luggage and maximize space.



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    10 Discussions


    2 years ago

    You roll them in BMT now? Sorry to sound like the grumpy old man but "Back in my day" (lol) we had to fold them into something like 4" squares (and then used tweezers to get all the edges to line up).

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    We rolled them back in my day of 1998 too when I went through basic training, but they roll them now, which in my opinio, in is way easier than folding them into that little square.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Yeah, definitely better. I learned to do a skivvy roll a couple of years ago and now I do that exclusively for travel.


    2 years ago

    Get the best troop at it on flight to do each job and form an assembly line to get everyone's knocked out quick!


    Nice. This looks way better than my usual method to throwing them loosely into a drawer. You could actually find them like this.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Certainly, sand just means the color of the shirt. In the AF we call it the "sand tee" to differentiate it from the PT shirt and white tee shirt also issued during BMT.


    2 years ago

    Basic training, U.S. Naval Station, Great Lakes Illinois, March, 1969. Not only did they teach us how to roll and stuff all our gear into the legendary seabag, they also taught us how to iron our uniform using the plastic soap dish, clean the piping on our dress blues with toothpaste, and use any part of the uniform as a personal flotation device just in case we went over the side, you know, like maybe we got sunk or stuff. ☺


    2 years ago

    I did this for all of my hunting clothing! Works great!