How to SIMPLIFY Your Cluttered Life




Introduction: How to SIMPLIFY Your Cluttered Life

Does life just seem too crazy, hectic and complicated these days? Funny how your accumulating junkpile of emotional baggage can be reflected by all the needless physical junk you've piled around yourself over the years.

Your cluttered home might underscore a life that needs simplifying. The best way to achieve this is to simply leave the problem behind and move to a new home. But what should you take with you as you begin your new baggage-free life?

Here's a simple rule of thumb: Millions around the world have learned that all you really need to get by, you can carry on your head (in the case of a forced march to escape genocidal terror); in your anal cavity (if you are whisked away to a secret CIA prison, for example, to be held for years in a tiny cage without access to a lawyer or sunlight); or pushed down the street in a shopping cart (pretty luxurious, comparatively -- lucky homeless!).

Because giving up your comfortable home for a new one is always risky, you probably feel the urge to keep a lot of extraneous stuff "just in case." Most of it can be thrown away, but here are a few items to pack, "just in case"...

Step 1: Pack a Picture Frame

This is in case any loved ones you shared memories with in your current home are struck by a car during the move and killed or paralyzed. Fond memories stop accumulating when someone becomes a permanent vegetable, so you'll want to slip in a photo to remind you of the "good times."

Step 2: Bring Along a Stick or Cane

In case the accident happens to you instead of your loved ones, you'll need something to help you get around -- assuming you are still mobile at all.

Step 3: Pack a Sleeping Bag

You'll need something to sleep in, in case you lose your job due to your incapacitation and are unable to afford rent in your new apartment.

Step 4: Never Forget Moisturizers!

As you may learn all too soon, the real tragedy of the destitute homeless is that most have dry, aging skin because they don't think about sun damage.

Good luck with your new life of freedom and simplicity! For more life coaching, visit me at

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    This is insane, not awesome insane. This is just an over-the-top version of my life improving instructable, going out and living on the street is the worst idea ever. There's starvation, being cold, no money, people ignore you, how many people would actually trade places with the hobo peeing in a ditch

    TJ Ingram
    TJ Ingram

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

     I would, but that's a compassion and love thing. 


    Interesting social commentary presented in a way that puts the reader on edge, wondering how the blight of injustice can ever be compassionately addressed. But how can one person help make any kind of a difference with such overwhelming odds? My solution is to try and make a difference, be it ever so small through World Vision. Also look at "The More With Less Cookbook" for some pro- active ideas" Small interest free loans for individual entrepenures in the 3rd world can help another human being feed their family. "Kiva" has lots of opportunities to get involved.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Am i the only one who actually like this, i thought it was pretty neat, this is actually quite enjoyable in a way because it helps you heal and over come things. At least it did for me.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    not essentials for living, just a handymans secret weapon