How to Salvage a DIY T-Shirt Disaster





Introduction: How to Salvage a DIY T-Shirt Disaster

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A few weeks ago, we at Thread Heads showed a cool way to make your own T-Shirt designwith some spray paint and a stencil. This proved to be a little tough when we neglected the fact that you needed to use acetate for your stencil. So to fix up all of those disaster shirts, we thought it our duty to come up with a new design using the damaged project. We are always looking for more DIY ideas, so if you have a cool project, send it in! And don't forget to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes!

Step 1: Your New Stencil

First, cut out a rectangle from some cardboard just big enough to cover the disaster area. Be creative! You can use the stencil anywhere you want on the shirt.

Step 2: The New Design

Next, take an old T-shirt, and using stencils that you can get at a hardware store for about two bucks, spray paint yourself a cool phrase. We picked "Bruce Campbell 4 Prez"! Cut out the words, pin them to your shirt, and sew them on! We like this diagonal stitch, because it gives a cool punk rock look!

Step 3: Conclusion

Add yourself a few finishing touches, and you just salvaged a DIY T-Shirt disaster!



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    9 Discussions

    yea bruce campbell is coming to toronto on the 28 cant wait i think i might make this shirt to walk around with and get him to sign it ;p

    Hey, how does spray paint hold up in the wash, versus silkscreened fabric paint that you set with an iron?

    1 reply

    Couldn't you just print the picture directly onto the acetate and cut it once? I don't see why that extra step is in there, unless it's a safety precaution in case a person messes up the stencil. I guess I could see that, since acetate's not too cheap.

    Nice. A handy (no pun intended) retro-fitted chainsaw stencilled on the back and I'd vote for him.

    Looks neat and very punk, but I think I'd be a little afraid to wear it . . .

    Hey...nice idea ;).. But I dont think it was good to use it on suck a "disaster" :P.... IMO the 2 dont go together ; )... Pink/Puple....with...white and black...with brown...Nah for me ; ) :P... But is a good idea ;)!!! Keep it up! :P