How to Save Browsing History of Incognito Mode in Google Chrome


Introduction: How to Save Browsing History of Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

If you ask Is there any way that you can track what someone is browsing / has browsed if they use the Incognito browsing option in Chrome in your laptop. Then the answer is YES.

In this letkit i'll show you how to save browsing history of incognito mode in google chrome. Now a days most people thinks that they are securely browsing over incognito and they think if we close incognito window then all the history will be clear and not saved but they don’t know even their history will be storing in background.

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Step 1: Getting the Extension

To save the web suffering history of incognito mode in Google Chrome you have to set up an extension for that. Just search for the extension “off The Record History” from the extension manager and add it to your chrome or just simply clink on the link.

Step 2: Adding It to Chrome

Then after this add the extension by simple clicking add button as shown in picture.

Step 3: Enabling the Extension

Once you finish adding the extension to your browser, you have to make that extension work even in the Incognito mode as by default the Chrome won’t let that happen. To make it work in Incognito mode just type “chrome://extensions” in the Chrome search bar. This will show you the all of your extensions of Chrome browser and you can then modify their settings from there only.

Step 4: Finalization

Now checkup the “Off the Record History” extension from there and then select the “Allow in Incognito” Checkbox from that. That’s all with the settings and now you can start to surf up the internet in new tab without disabling the Incognito mode and all your history can be accessed through the extension icon in the browser. Your web history won’t be saved by the browser but by the extension itself even if you are under Incognito mode. Make sure you check all the check boxes which letkit highlights in picture.

Now at last open the extension by simply clicking on it and you can see the all browsing History. Now whatever your friend search in your computer even in incognito mode will be saved and you can check the history later.Hope you all like this letkit. Please keep viewing this website for more letkit stuff.
So happy letkit. :)

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    Question 5 months ago

    Can I use this method of tracking somebody in Cognito AFTER the fact? If I install the EXTENSION NOW, will I be able to view what somebody was doing with my PC a few days past. . . .prior to me adding the extension? Thank you.