How to Save Storage on Your IPhone




Is your iPhone running slower than usual? Maybe you tried to take a picture but couldn't because your storage was full. Saving your iPhone storage might sound overwhelming, but it is very simple, quick, and will solve many of your iPhone troubles.

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Step 1: Tap the 'Settings' Icon

This could be anywhere on your phone. You may need to search your phone to find it.

Step 2: Tap the 'General' Tab

This is towards the bottom.

Step 3: Tap 'iPhone Storage'

This is also towards the bottom.

Step 4: Look at What Is Using the Most Storage

  • Different colors mean different things using your storage as seen below the colored bar
  • The longer the colored bar is, the more storage being used
  • Follow the recommendations for managing your storage.

Step 5: Go Back to the Home Screen

Step 6: Tap the 'Photos' Icon

This could be anywhere. You may have to search your phone if you can't find it.

Step 7: Scroll Down and Open the 'Recently Deleted' Album

It will have a trash can icon.

Step 8: Tap 'Select'

It is in the top right-hand corner.

Step 9: Select "Delete All"

It is in the bottom left corner.

Step 10: Select "Delete"

It will be written in red letters.

Step 11: Go Back to Your Home Screen

Step 12: Delete Apps You Don't Use

Press down on the app icon so the app looks like it's shaking, and tap the 'x'.

Step 13: Go Back to 'iPhone Storage'

Follow steps 1-3 and see how much storage you've saved!

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