How to Say "I Love You" in Ukrainian (because Why Not)

We kind of got war going on in our country, so, I guess, it won't hurt if there'll be more "I love you" said in Ukrainian in the World.

Step 1: Я Люблю Тебе

We have two words for "love" in Ukrainian. The word "любов" has more jeneral meaning. You can say it to your mother, to your girl or boyfriend. You can say it to your icecream. The phrase is:

Я люблю тебе

and the link leads to the google translator page ready to pronounce it for you (and it does it good enough).

Step 2: Я Кохаю Тебе

"Кохання" is the word for romantic love only, so don't say it to your icecream unless you're going to marry it. The phrase is:

Я кохаю тебе

And this is it. Make your own instructable like this for your language if you like, and приємного всім перебування на цій планеті.



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    2 years ago

    I just said it to my icecream :-)

    I agree the world needs more love and less war. Thank you for reminding us and I hope the war in your country ends sooner rather than later.

    1 reply