How to Sculpt a Pumpkin

Introduction: How to Sculpt a Pumpkin

This is a still shot representation of the progress in 15 minute stages

Step 1: Finished Pumpkin

Step 2: Illuminated Finished Pumpkin



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    I find the words "Step 1: Finished Pumpkin" to be inappropriately hilarious.

    Here are some notes that might help: First thing is the tools - I use basically a steak knife and 2 or 3 metal tools from a set of clay sculpting tools. The main two have a V shape tip, another rounded tip that is also curved. When I first started I had trouble visualizing in 3D, so I used one of those things kids play with that is basically a bunch of pegs in a board (you know, the toy at Spencers that always has someone's hand making an obscene gesture). Make faces into it to study angles and shapes. Then you have to choose the right pumpkin. It has to be very heavy so the rind is thick. Then try to find one that is tall, not short/fat. And most importantly find one that has a corner to it - usually one that grew laying on its side. The corner is where the nose will be and needs to be pointed. When you start to carve, try to make a rough outline of just the eyes and nose. No matter how ugly you think it looks, it is really just about scale and position of the eyes and nose. And never try to make both sides looks the same because they won't - I usually make one eye look mean or like yo granny's stank-eye. Lastly, when you get the rough outline, then just try to whittle down every aspect a little at a time - worst error is cutting too much out in any area because then you either disfigure it or break through the rind. That is about it. It really isn't very hard to make scary faces - the hard ones are where you try to make it actually look like somebody.

    I thought this contest was to show how to carve a pumpkin,i.e., tools, techniques,do/dont's, etc.? All I see here is just a pic of a pumpkin when the carving is done at each stage. Even a video would have been nice to showcase the tools used, explanation of how deep to go, what to use to keep it looking so fresh,etc. Don't get me wrong, it is an awesome life-like looking carving but if a person, like myself, would want to try doing this, how am I supposed to know what to do if there aren't any step by step instructions?

    In my opinion, if you were to add instructions, you could win anywhere between 1st to 3rd place. The finished piece is and looks really really good!

    This isn't much of a how to, its more of a "look at me I'm awesome once a year"

    What tools did you use to carve? It's super cool looking!

    This is an impressive carving!

    If you wrote up some details of your process, or any tips/techniques . . that would really be nice to see. You've got mad skills! :)