How to Sell Lifeboats/ UpDate!




  Volunteering for a Non-Profit for the Last year has Been Great, 3 Sails delivering relief supplys to  Haiti.
Helping with Re-fits of 2 of there  Sailboats, and other Misc Tasks. This seems to be one of
my most Challenging:

 2 30 Ft fiberglass lifeboats with cradles. One has Small Lister Diesel, One has Manual Propulsion


Step 1: What Shall We Do With 2 Used Lifeboats......

 Used Lifeboats abound in various conversions, Above link is interesting.

  Could be used also as Hot Tub, Pool,Planter, Or ???????? Could be a Great Instructable!!

Step 2: Sailing a Sea of Dreams....

    Some conversions are......Functional.

Step 3: To the Internet!!!!!!

 Put The listing on Craigslist.:

For Sale are 2 30 Ft Fiberglass LifeBoats, With Cradles.

30 Ft LOA 10 Ft Beam
Brooklyn, NY 1987

They are sold as is, will not separate boats from cradles

One is powered by Hand/Oars W/ aluminum cradle
6,000 lbs W, Cradle (estimated)

One is powered by 2 Cylinder Lister Diesel.W/ steel cradle
8,000 W/Cradle (estimated)
Price for Each Boat/Cradle is negotiable
Buyer must arrange Transport. Will load onto trailer.

Serious inquiry only. Mike 

Step 4: Throw in Historic Value !!

  Was actually removed from Ollie Norths Iran/Contra Ship:


Step 5: Craigslist Trolling and Phishing!!!!

     Usually listing like this get quite a few folks out there trying to do bad,  will post some of the interesting attempts from
the LifeBoat Post 

Step 6: Will Keep Posted!! Final Post!

  So, I will update on the progress, Also working on a Video Post. These are lying Wilmington, California (Los Angeles) 
We are relocating our warehouse for Humanitarian Relief and need to make these go away.  Offers are Considered.

  Well ended up as epic Fail!, Fate of them unknown, Had to go to Chicago for a job, So Ah ! No Longer For Sale.


Mike McV



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Where can I buy a used open top life boat in Texas? Something with a diesel engine in it.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    These lifeboats sold for $500. Last known location was Hemet Ca.


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 3

    Just posted a New Pix of the Plaque above. Maseco/Lane Lifeboat.
    It is missing on the Diesel/30Pax Lifeboat