How to Set Up a New Greenhouse

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Once you've had a new greenhouse installed, you're probably eager to get out there right away and start using it to grow all sorts of fruit, vegetables or flowers. However, to get the best from your new greenhouse, it's important to follow a few guidelines to set it up first. Doing so will ensure that you are using it to best effect, and help you avoid unexpected problems further down the line. If you have yet to buy a greenhouse look here for greenhouses for sale. With this guide, your greenhouse will be ready for anything.

1. If you don't already have an electricity supply in your new greenhouse, it's a wise move to get one installed as soon as possible. Without it, you're missing out on a number of benefits different devices can bring, and you won't make the most of having a greenhouse. Contact a certified electrician to carry out the work so you can be sure that the electricity supply is safely and professionally installed.

2. If your greenhouse isn't paved and doesn't have a concrete floor, laying a path down the middle will make it much easier and less messy to use. This can be quick and straightforward to do, and instantly saves hassle, keeping your greenhouse clean and tidy. You can also decking to achieve the same benefits with less work and cost.

3. Next, you should think about staging and shelving. Staging on at least one side of the greenhouse gives you an elevated space to work on, and somewhere to place propagators and pots. The space underneath the staging can be used for storage, to keep tools and other equipment out of the way. If you have the room, install staging on both sides to give you more work space.

4. Fitting a shelf or two above your staging has multiple uses. Potted young seedlings can be placed there to benefit from the higher temperature nearer to the roof. It is also a convenient place to put items like tools you're currently using, or packets of seeds.

5. Although the increased sunlight exposure a greenhouse gives you is a great way to help plants grow, sometimes they may need shade as well. Fit some greenhouse blinds to the outside of the roof so that you can cover up when needed. This may be particularly important during the height of Summer.

5. Fix a good quality thermometer to one of the greenhouse walls. The ability to accurately measure temperature is a must for successful greenhouse growing. An electronic one with a built-in hygrometer will also let you monitor humidity, which is vital for some types of plants.

6. Find a space for a greenhouse heater where it can be safely plugged into the electricity supply. A heater will give you a great level of control over the temperature of your greenhouse, which means you can tailor the conditions to the needs of your plants, helping them grow at their best. A heater is essential if you want to grow tropical plants, as temperatures can drop too much for them to survive.

6. Dedicate an area of shelving or staging for some secure, waterproof storage boxes or tins. This is a good place to store seeds, keeping them dry and making sure no pests will be able to reach and eat them. You can also keep small, useful items and tools inside.

7. Now is the time to make sure you have all the equipment you might need, and to find homes for it. Tools like a trowel, a small fork and a dibber will serve you well, and you can get hold of garden tool sets with their own bag to keep them neat and in order. A supply of plastic plant labels and permanent markers will help you keep your plants organised until they've grown enough to be easily recognised. Stock up on pots of different sizes and plenty of compost. Don't forget a watering can!

8. A propagator or two is an essential buy to get your seedlings or cuttings off to the best start. Electric heated ones are well worth considering to keep temperatures even during this critical stage. Buy as many as you think you'll use, as long as there's enough space for them on shelves and staging.

9. If you're likely to be spending a lot of time in the greenhouse, a small radio will give you something to listen to while you work. It can be placed on a high shelf, out of the way, and will make spending time in your new greenhouse with a cup of tea or coffee even more appealing!



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