How to Set Up a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pies can sometimes be a hassle to set up if you have never set one up before. But using this instructable, you will be able to set up a Raspberry Pi in no time. Unfortunately, the pictures are rotated. I couldn't fix this after several retries of uploading, but it displays where you should plug in the cables correctly.

Step 1:

Step 2: Power

Plug Micro USB into Power Port in Raspberry Pi. Plug the other end of the Micro USB into a USB to outlet or just into the outlet itself.

Step 3: Display

Plug HDMI Cable into HDMI Port in Raspberry Pi and into TV or Computer.

Step 4: Internet

Plug Ethernet Cable into Ethernet Port in Raspberry Pi and into Ethernet Plug, typically on a wall.

Step 5: Peripherals

Plug Keyboard and Mouse into 2 of the 4 USB slots into the USB Slots in the Raspberry Pi. You will now be able to control the Raspberry Pi.

Step 6: Storage

At the bottom of your Raspberry Pi, there will be a Micro SD Card slot. Slide the card into the slot and you will now have storage for your Raspberry Pi.



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