How To: Set Off the Barking Dog Chemical Reaction



We would like to warn you that trying to complete the "barking dog" chemical reaction is very dangerous if the necessary safety precautions are not taken properly. We are dealing with several dangerous chemicals which can irritate your skin or eyes, and even sometimes permeate your skin, or corrode your various body parts. To make sure this doesn't happen, you should do the following.
-Always wear goggles or safety glasses.
-Use either a gas mask or a fume hood to draw dangerous gasses away from you. Inhalation can be dangerous.
-Make sure to comply with waste management procedures as shown on the MSDS for each chemical.
-Cover yourself. Use a lab apron or lab coat, or just wear a long-sleeve or something. If something spills on you, get rid of the clothing it spilled on, wash whatever so the burning stops, etc. (You should know chemistry lab safety procedures prior to attempting this reaction.)
-Be careful. Make sure things work right before beginning your chemical reactions. If something isn't attached right, and chemicals start pouring out, you're gonna have a bad day. It should be pretty easy to set these things up, given the proper materials, but double check, just to be safe. 
-We'll go over this on the proper slide, but I want to say it here, too. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THE AMMONIUM NITRATE. If heated above 240°c, ammonium nitrate could combust and explode.

MSDS Links and Disposal Guidelines:

Ammonium Nitrate -- Soluble in cold OR hot water. Pour excess down sink with plenty of either one.

Nitrous Oxide -- Suck up gas and dispose with fume hood.

Sulfur Dioxide -- “It may be necessary to contain and dispose of Sulfur Dioxide as a HAZARDOUS WASTE. Contact your state Department of Environmental Protection or your regional office of the federal Environmental Protection Agency for specific details.”

Sulfuric Acid -- Easily soluble in COLD water. Soluble in water with liberation of much heat. THIS MEANS IT CAN'T BE HOT WATER.


Step 1: Materials List

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Optional: (This section consists of items needed to create your own Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide. If you have access to these gasses, this section is not necessary.)
-Copper turnings
-Round bottom flask
-Delivery tubing of some sort
-Thistle tube/funnel
-Clamp to hold up the round bottom flask
-Burners (preferrably with easy temperature control)
-Rubber corks/stoppers, either with holes or the ability to be drilled. (More detail later)
-collection jar (For the gasses)
-ammonium nitrate (For Nitrous Oxide)
-concentrated sulfuric acid (For Sulfur Dioxide)

Barking Dog: (This section is for stuff that you will need if you are simply doing the Barking Dog, and don't need to prepare your own gasses.)
-Giant freaking test tube. I mean really big. 3 to maybe 5 feet if possible. It's gotta be big.
-Sulfur Dioxide
-Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)
-A safe way to ignite the gasses that will be floating around inside your test tube

Step 2: How to Make Sulfur Dioxide

As you have read in the first page we are handling dangerous chemicals!
Please as said on the first page wear protective clothing!
When using Sulfuric Acid warning it can burn your skin or irritate it when in contact. So be sure to wear good protective clothing and lab clothes!. It can also permeate skin as well so please be advised!
The basic setup of preparing sulfur dioxide can be shown in this video:

How to make Sulfure Dioxide:
-Copper turnings
-Round bottom flask
-Delivery tubing of some sort
-Thistle tube/funnel
-Clamp to hold up the round bottom flask
-Burners (preferrably with easy temperature control)
-Rubber corks/stoppers, either with holes or the ability to be drilled.
-Collection Jar
-Concentrated Sulfuric Acid

1.) Set up round bottom flask on stand. Have a rubber cork in the top that has two holes. One has the thistle tube in it, the other has a tube leading to your collection point. The copper turnings are inside this flask.
2.) Pour sulfuric acid into the round bottom flask.
3.)Heat the acid with a bunsen burner.
4.) Let the reaction create your sulfur dioxide.
5.)Find some way to move the gasses to a collection jar (can be a rubber hose, glass tube going into the giant test tube for collection of gasses.)

Step 3: How to Make Nitrous Oxide

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How do you make Nitrous Oxide? 
-Round bottom flask (or something to boil the 
-Delivery tubing of some sort
-Clamp to hold up the round bottom flask
-Burners (preferrably with easy temperature control)
-Rubber corks/stoppers, either with holes or the ability to be drilled.
-Collection Jar
-Ammonium Nitrate
-Hot water
-Tub to hold hot water
Creating Nitrous Oxide:
1.) Put ammonium nitrate into a flask or test tube, something you can hold over a burner.
2.) Make sure the delivery tube leading out of the test tube goes into hot water at some point to filter the products of the reaction.
3.) GENTLY heat ammonium nitrate between 170°c and 240°c. If you go over 240°, this could explode in your face. Be careful.

Step 4: Last Step.....

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After the two gasses have been put into the giant test tube of yours, find a SAFE way to light it!.
Congratualations if you made the barking dog work. If not, still it was a good try! Its not easy to make the barking dog.



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