How to Setup a Pi TFT

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Intro: How to Setup a Pi TFT

Let's learn to make a 3.5" tft work with the raspberry pi. The uses for a tft like this are endless currently i'm using one in my real life KITT and they are pretty cheap click here to view the one i bought. Lets get Started!!

Step 1: Parts

1) Any pi with GPIO pins


3) SD Card + Adapter (if needed)

4) Power Cord

Step 2: Extract and Flash IMG File

Step 3: Plug Everything In

You may need to calibrate the touch screen that is in preferences

If you want to use HTML:

On the LXTerminal, enter sudo su then HDMI-SYS-SHOW

and to go back to the tft:

If you LCD is the 2.5 or 2.5inch lcd with control chip 9341 - LCD32-SYS-SHOW

If your LCD is the Raspberry Pi 3.5inch LCD - LCD35-SYS-SHOW

If your LCD is the Raspberry Pi 4inch LCD - LCD4-SYS-SHOW

If your LCD is the Raspberry Pi 4.3inch LCD - LCD43-SYS-SHOW

If your LCD is the Raspberry Pi 5inch LCD - LCD5-SYS-SHOW



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