How to Sew a Basic Seam / Automotive Upholstery



Intro: How to Sew a Basic Seam / Automotive Upholstery

In these three videos I will show you how to sew a perfect basic upholstery seam. The basic seam in the first skill you’ll need to know when learning how to sew. It is the base to every upholstery seam you will learn. This is a great video for beginners to learn how to sew. I will explain in detail my process on how to sew this seam perfectly and give you some helpful tips to learn this upholstery seam faster. I also show you from my point of view so you can see exactly what I am doing.

Step 1: Basic Seam Part 1

Step 2: Basic Seam Part 2

Step 3: Basic Seam Part 3



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