How to Sew a Hot Water Bottle Cover




Introduction: How to Sew a Hot Water Bottle Cover

I looked at a few water bottle covers tutorials and noticed that they’re very creative but miss the step about getting a cover that fits! If I’m going to appliqué the front, I really hope the water bottle will fit in it once it’s done. My instructible is for the basics, please add your own creative touch.

 Although I sewed this by machine, it is simple enough that it can be done by hand. I do recommend reinforcing the sides of the opening as this is the most likely place for your stitching to break.

Like this pattern and want to try something bigger?

Step 1: What You Need:

Water bottle
Polar fleece, 9" of 60" wide ( 23 cm of 150 cm wide)
2 sew-on snaps
Either a needle or a sewing machine

Step 2: Draft the Front Piece, Aka: the Master Block:

Trace around your water leaving at least 1” (2.54 cm) of paper around the edges. If your water bottle has a tab at the top - most of them do – draw a line across it on the paper. If your water bottle has a very pronounced funnel shaped top, square up the lines to make it easier to tuck in the bottle neck when it’s done.

Draw a line 1” (2.54 cm) away from the original water bottle tracing, going all the way around. This 1” includes ½” (1.2 cm) of seam allowance and ½” of ease. This is the master block and the front panel. Cut 1 in polar fleece.

Step 3: Draft the Back Pieces:

Measure your master block from the shoulder to the bottom. From the shoulder of the block, measure down 1/4 of the total distance and draw a line across and cut straight. This will make the opening to get the water bottle in.

To the Bottom Back piece, tape a piece of paper to the cut edge and add 1½” (3.8 cm) hem allowance. Cut 1 in fleece.

To the Top Back piece, tape a piece of paper to the cut edge and add 2¼” (5.7 cm) hem and overlap allowance. Cut 1 in fleece.

Step 4: Assemble the Back:

Take the Top Back and Bottom Back pieces and make a rolled hem (fold ¾”, fold ¾” and sew across).

Measure across the hem, and sew snaps at 1/3 of the distance from the side and centered in the hem. If you measured correctly, the top and bottom pieces should line up and the overall shape should match the Front piece.

Step 5: Assemble the Water Bottle Cover:

With right sides facing, sew Front piece to Back pieces using a 1/2” (1.2 cm) seam allowance.  At the bottle neck, clip the "in" corners and trim the "out" corners.  Flip right side out and you’re done!

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2 Discussions


5 years ago on Introduction

this literally took me 20 minutes from start to finish; BRILLIANT!


7 years ago on Introduction

I'm not great with the sewing machine but fancied trying this. The tutorial was so straightforward - lots of pictures and easy to follow instructions - so I turned one out very quickly and it looks really professional! Thank you so much - its inspired me to try other things :)