How to Sew a Nintendo DS Carrier!

Introduction: How to Sew a Nintendo DS Carrier!

About: Im a stay at home mommy to 3 wonderful little men. I have a love for sewing, and it is great down time from being a mommy.

This is how to sew a very cute and stylish carrier for your DS! It also has 12 little pockets to hold your DS games!
I designed this carrier when my 5 year old son was going to be getting a DS for his birthday. I needed a way for him to carry and keep his games in one place, and came up with this. He loves that he can carry it anywhere, and have his games right there.

What you will need:
* Cotton Fabric
*Nylon Straps
*Fabric Chalk
*Sewing Machine

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Step 1: Cutting the Fabric

Cutting your fabric:
* Cut Two pieces that are 12.5 x 7 inches of Cotton fabric. This will make up the outside and main inside of the carrier
* Cut One piece of Fleece that is 12.5 x 7 Inches for the lining
* Cut One piece that is 9 x 7.5 inches of cotton fabric. This will make up the big pocket for the DS
* Cut Three pieces that are 7 x 4 inches of cotton fabric. They will make up the pockets for for the DS games
*Cut Two pieces that are 7 x 3 inches of cotton fabric. That will be for the closers
*Cut Two pieces that are 10 x 3 inches of cotton fabric. That will be for the covering the straps.
* Cut Two 10 inches strips of nylon Strap
* Cut Two 2 inches of velcro

Step 2: Start the Sewing

In this step your going to start prepping your fabric. Take all 4 pieces(3 - 7x4 inches, and 1 - 9x7.5 inches) of fabric that are to be made into pockets. Fold them all in half lengthwise and top stitch on the fold.

Step 3: Placing the Velcro

In this step were going to be sewing on the velcro.

Take your two 7x3 inches pieces that make up the closer straps and place rough part of the velcro half an inch from the top in the middle, and sew it on.

Next your gonna take those pieces and fold them in half so the velcro is on the inside, and sew around. I use curved edges, but you can use sharp corners if wanted.

Cut off a little bit from the bottom, and turn inside out.

Top stitch around to give a more fished look.

Now take your 9x7.5 piece of fabric that is for the pocket for the DS. Place the soft piece of velcro half an inch from the top in the middle and sew it on.

Now take your 12.5x7 inch piece of fabric that is for the outside of the carrier, and place the last piece of soft velcro an inch from the top and in the middle, and sew it on.

Step 4: Sewing on the DS Pocket

Ok so first your gonna layer your fabric. Take the piece of fleece and the 12.5x7 inch piece of cotton fabric that is the main inside. Put the fleece on bottom and the cotton on top of it print side up, all raw edges matching up.

Now your gonna take your 9x7.5 piece of fabric that is for the DS pocket, and pin it to one end so the raw edges all match up. Now don't sew around it just yet.

Take one velcro closer strap and place it so the velcro match up. Pin the bottom of the velcro strap, and sew along the bottom of it.

Now you can sew around the raw edge of the DS pocket :)

Step 5: Starting on the Game Pockets

Take your three 7x4 inch pieces that are for the game pockets. Place the first one inch down from the top of the other side of the carrier. Sewn part should be towards the raw edge end. Pin to keep in place, and use the zigzag stitch to sew the bottom of the pocket.

Take your middle pocket and place it on top of the other one 1.5 inches from the top of the other pocket. Pin to keep in place, and use the zigzag stitch to sew the bottom of that pocket too.

Now take your last pocket and place it so it is 1.5 inches from the top of the middle pocket, but now your gonna turn it down so the sewn edge is facing to the DS pocket. Pin to keep in place, and Sew along the bottom of that game pocket.

Turn it up so all game pockets are together, and iron to keep them flat.

Step 6: Finshing Up the Game Pockets

Find the middle of the carrier and mark a line down all 3 pockets.
Now mark a line down every 1.5 inches from that line on both sides.
SO now you should have 5 lines that are all 1.5 inches away from each other down all 3 pockets.

Top stitch down on all 5 lines. Make sure you back stitch at the top of every little pocket to add more reinforcement.

You should now have 12 little pockets for you DS games.

Now would be a good time to be sure all your pockets are big enough to fit your games :)

Step 7: Covering the Straps

In this step take your two 10x3 cotton fabric pieces that make up for the strap covering, and fold in 1/4 inch on one side longwise.

Next take your two 10 inch nylon strips, and place in the middle of fabric. Fold down the raw edge side, and then down the folded side. So the folded side is one top and near the edge.

Pin to keep in place, and top stitch down both sides of the strap longwise to give a more finished look.

Step 8: Adding the Straps

To add the straps pin the end of the straps 3/4 of an inch in from the side of the carrier. The strap should be facing the center of the carrier. Zigzag all 4 of the straps ends in place.

Step 9: Nearing the End :)

Now your gonna take your last piece of cotton fabric that makes up the outside of the carrier. Place it on top pattern down. The velcro piece on the cover should be on the bottom facing the big DS pocket.

Pin to keep in place, and sew around leaving the space between the handles on the other side of where the velcro is open.

Turn it inside out thru that space.

Iron flat, and turn in the extra seam allowance that you left open.

Step 10: Adding the Last Piece

Your almost done :)

Now you just have to add your last strap which keeps the carrier closed.

To add this closer your simply gonna match the velcro together with the raw edge facing up towards the handles.
Then fold the strap into the spot you left open on the other side to turn the carrier inside out.

Pin to keep it in place, and undo the velcro to open the carrier.

Top stitch all along the edges to give a more finished look.

Step 11: Your Done!

Voila! You're DONE! Isn't it cute?!

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9 years ago on Introduction

This DS case has been so wonderful for my daughter. Its small enough for me to put into a bag if she doesnt want to carry it. And its stylish enough that she likes to carry it as a "purse". What a great idea! And great quality!