How to Sew a Vintage Style Head-wrap Scarf




Introduction: How to Sew a Vintage Style Head-wrap Scarf

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This vintage-style classy scarf can be worn several ways - as a light-weight scarf or as a cute head-wrap! I haven't seen these styles of scarves sold around where I live and it's so cheap (62 cents for me!) and easy to make one yourself! It'll also fit better and be cuter if you make it the way you like it! Anyone can wrap a big scarf around their head - I like this one because it's so much smaller and light-weight!

You only a small amount of material and a sewing machine to get started! I also provide you with the pattern!

*This is my 50th Instructable by the Way - and one of my favorite things I've made!*

Step 1: Materials Needed

I bought a yard and a quarter of this material on sale at JoAnn for only $3 - making the entire cost of the cute scarf only 62 cents!!! Wow!Five scarves for only $3 is a great deal!


  • 1/4 yard of material of your choice (sheer light-weight materials look nice)- I buy from JoAnn
  • Cutting tools - scissors or rotary cutter and mat work well - I use the Fiskars Rotary Mat & Cutter Set
  • Sewing Machine
  • *optional: I recommended that you use a sewing needle for lightweight or sheer fabric - I used a 60/8
  • *optional: I used a narrow hem presser foot - see image below to see the seam it created & the presser foot

Finished Product:

  • The actual length of the head-wrap will be approximately 35-36 inches. The width will be approximately 8 inches.

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Step 2: Pattern & Material for Vintage Style Head-wrap Scarf

You can download the pattern on this page - it is in .pdf form and should be opened and viewed with Adobe Reader. If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free on their website. Since the file is larger than one page, you'll need to print it a certain way so it will print out on three sheets - you'll then need to cut and tape the sheets together and cut out the pattern.

Once you open it up and you're ready to print it - this is what you need to do.
  • Go to File, Print, then a screen will popup. On that page you'll see "Page Sizing & Handling."
  • Under that you'll see tabs - click the one that says "Poster" and then print it.
  • * Please see image of how to print it if you are struggling to find the "poster" printing options *

Step 3: Cut the Material

After you have your pattern, then lay out your material and cut it out according to the pattern (see pattern where you need to fold your material). I personally cut out a strip of material about 8 inches wide and 36 inches long, then folded it in half. I then placed my pattern piece on top of it and cut the rest out according to the pattern.

Once done, you will then need to hem the edges. If it is possible for you to do a narrow hem, I think it look stunning and professional. When I first bought the narrow hem presser foot, it took a few tries to get used to using it. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be fine! If you can't do that, any hem you are comfortable with sewing will be fine.

I sewed the narrow hem along both of the sides (long sides) until I got to the small end and I stopped. I didn't try to do a narrow hem on the ends.

Step 4: End Seams & Finishing Touches

For the end seams, I tried to make a small fold and iron it, then fold it in again (to hold in any possible seam or strings and to prevent fraying). I then did a top stitch across that end.

Feel free to add any embellishments you want as well. I thought of adding lace to the edges - but for this head-wrap I thought it looked so cute the way it was. I didn't want to add to it - but a larger scarf would look cute with decorative edges.



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    23 Discussions

    Holly, Thanks so much for this instructable. I've been planning to be Rosie the Riveter for Halloween for a while now. Michaels had the perfect fabric, but I didn't know how I was going to put it together. This pattern was much better than just making a square bandanna.

    Rosie Head Scarf.jpg
    1 reply

    You are so welcome!!! I love what you made - the fabric is adorable - you look so cute! :) Thanks for the nice comment!

    What software did you use to make the pattern? Awesome 50th instructable! It is still a long way for me...

    3 replies

    Hi Britt - I just messaged you! About the software - I first used Adobe Photoshop to create a graphic for the pattern (the lines and numbers representing the inches) - then I opened that file in Autodesk Sketchbook pro to draw the lines for the pattern and add any text. The sketchbook pro is ideal for this - really fast and easy to use. I use that instead of Photoshop because it's faster - they have a symmetry tool that helps me draw the lines on both sides at the same time - saving me lots of time and keeping things even. Maybe I'll make an instructable for this and give the basic pattern piece(s) for download. ;)

    Oh yes, please! I am thinking about making a sewing instructable, but couldn't find a good way to present the patterns. Yours looks really good.

    Pretty. Sewing skill is one thing. A unique sense of style is another- and you've got it in spades, ya Sheba! Congratulations on the 50th.
    Was searching for something to make for my lovely wife, found this picture of you from 60 years ago. Uncanny resemblance. Could you make this sweater-y dress-y thing? Also, are you an immortal vampire?

    Holly Mann.jpg
    1 reply

    :) Wow thanks for the compliment on my style! :) So nice! You should make this for your wife - a simple scarf/wrap. I think it's awesome that you can sew - as I saw your other instructable and the dress you made for your daughter. That was impressive and so cute! Nice picture too! She has one very tiny waist!!! LOL :) I could probably make that sweatery tank thing! :) And you probably could too!

    Love the vintage look of the head wrap- reminds me of South Pacific..." I'm gonna wash that guy right outta' my head"

    1 reply

    Congrats on your 50th! I just did mine as 52 now. I love it! I've never worn a head wrap or headband...but I am thinking I should! I never do my hair, and it's so long...most hot days it gets twisted in a knot anyway! These would look great! :) Thanks for another great idea!

    1 reply

    Congrats on yours too!!! :) Yeah it looks like you have long hair too - I too put it up in a bun to keep it out of the way when hot, working out or to hide my bad hair day! :) This works great for it!