How to Shallow Stitch Crochet…looks Just Like Knitting!

Introduction: How to Shallow Stitch Crochet…looks Just Like Knitting!

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Shallow stitch crochet is surprisingly simple to do, and it looks just like stockinette stitch in knitting! It creates a nice, firm fabric texture that is great for hats, hoods & wraps. The only thing that makes this different from other crochet stitches, is where you insert your hook. Instead of going under a chain as you normally would…you go through the vertical bars next to the chain!

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Step 1: You'll Be Working Into the Vertical Strands

Step 2: Insert Hook Into the Center of the 2 Vertical Strands

Step 3: Yarn Over

Step 4: Draw Up Your Loop and Yarn Over Again

Step 5: Pull the Loop on Your Hook Through Both of the Other Loops

Step 6: That's It! Easy Right? ;)

I hope you have fun learning this technique! Let me know if you liked this stitch and what project you used it on.
Happy Crocheting

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