How to Make a Static Electricity Generator - Shock Anything & Fry Electronics With a Touch!




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I have made a new version of this project that uses a DC ion generator, you can see it here:

In this video I show how to make a device that allows the user to gain the power of electricity. This high voltage generator can electrify a persons entire body with a static charge more powerful than rubbing even the softest footie pajamas on a carpet could ever muster. The electrical buildup can then be discharged with a touch to shock anything in reach.

Parts that may need to be ordered online:
Negative Ion Generator (Ionizer) (I bought mine here: Search for SW-750) UPDATE: It seems that source of ion generators has been depleted. Here is a new one:

Automotive Power Converter (Cheapest here: Or find one at an auto parts store)

Parts that can be purchased in a hardware or electronics store (Such as Radio Shack):
Flux Core Solder
2" of Copper Wire
Heat Shrink Insulating Tubing (Optional)
9 Volt Battery (DO NOT USE A LARGER POWER SOURCE! Doing so may be DANGEROUS!)
9 Volt Battery Harness
On/Off Switch (Any type will work, even a light switch if that is all that is available)
Sticky Back Velcro
Dual Sided Velcro (Usually found in the form of cable ties)
Glasses Case
1 Gallon Bottle (Such as a windshield washer fluid bottle)
Hot Glue
Aluminum Soda Can
Duct or Electrical Tape

Soldering Iron
Wire Strippers
Hot Glue Gun
Sand Paper
Drill & Bits
File (Optional)

I was inspired to create this video when I read the article posted here:
That article is based off of the information provided in this even older article:

Both of the above use a design that contains the generator within a pair of shoes, but I decided that it would be better modified into something that could easily be strapped on and off over anything the user happens to be wearing. The design used in the article also has a nasty habit of shocking the bottom of your foot quite frequently.

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6 years ago on Introduction

This is so cool!! I've been thinking about different ways to use technology to imitate telekinesis, just because I think it would be awesome to be able to move things with my mind. I found some negative ion generators that are meant to plug into a 12v car outlet, which would greatly simplify the project. Do you think those would be strong enough to produce that sandstorm effect? Here's a link to what I found:

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Reply 3 years ago

Erm.... May I ask what do you mean 12v car outlet? What is it actually?

Yep, my first thought was to try one. Perhaps someone who knows electronics better than myself could figure out a way to modify them for this purpose, but I don't suspect that it's possible.


4 years ago on Introduction

Thank you for showing me how to make this. I used your idea ( still giving credit to you) to make a device similar to your. I used it in a science fair and won first place through out the entire fair. I'd like to say...

Thank you :)

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I just finished the set up on this and it works pretty well. Using the same DC to AC converter I will say , be carefull installing it. what appears to me to be a heat sink (not sure I used the correct form of sink) is fairly fragile and if pressed against will loosen the attatched component from the low quality board. I tryed to resolder it and cased board damage ,then had to jup contacts from other locations.not a big deal just a heads up.
I found the 9v,though it works as intended, to be under powered so I am now using a 11.1v 800mah rechargeable lipo made for rc vehicles. It has improved the power greatly and they only cost about $8.
I already had a similar,profesionaly buit, gadget that is designed foragic performance that runs on 12v which is the comparison that made me find the 9v weak.
All that said this was an excelent write up as I have wanted to build myown for some time now. Thank you.

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Typo the one I have was made for magic performance. It is calledElectric Touch. This project is by far less expensive but not as streamlined. Defiantly worth the build for some fun.

Count Volta

10 months ago

You,my friend are a super-villain in the making.

Count Volta

10 months ago

Who says that people cannot have super powers?

Not me after seeing this.


1 year ago

Nighthawk, Ive seen your latest video on youtube with the usb conversion. My question, is there anyway so this to work without strapping your foot even at a much lower static output?


1 year ago

Can I do the same thing(like storing static electricity in my body and shock someone)but using a Van De Graaff Generator?Just wondering...


2 years ago

Hey I'm doing it for a school work but I can not understand why there is a ground wire and what it is for! Can you explain me a bit please...


3 years ago

Hi, I don't see where the negative ion generator is connected could you give me some advice, please?


3 years ago

I came across this while trying to figure out how to work out the climax of my book. It will involve generating a large amount of electricity in a relatively small space (probably some sort of underground cavern) to cause a sudden surge. I am not handy with stuff like this, so I don't know: would it be possible to build a device like this to cause that sort of effect? How large/what sort of materials would be involved in constructing it if it were possible?


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Yes, that works much better, because all you need is a single 9V battery. Find others cheaper on eBay, like $5, search on keywords: 12VDC anion -car.

This whole instructable is because Electronics Goldmine doesn't sell the DC-powered ionizer modules like they did in 1999. This uses a Seawise 120VAC ionizer module and a line-volts inverter. But now some Chinese company is selling the 12VDC ionizers again. I tested one and they actually put out 7,500VDC, not 5.5 as it says on the label. Cut off one white wire, since they're both the -HV outputs. Use a 9V batt plus two AAAs in series for the full 12V, if you want the full 7.5KV output and not somewhat lower. But 9V alone works very well. You can build it into your shoes: Pika-shoes! see