How to Shoot a Rubber Band

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Rubber bands cause a painful stinging feeling when you are hit with one but it is harmless because the pain goes away in seconds. In this instructable I will show you the types of rubber bands and how to shoot them. I have a lot of experience with rubber bands me and about 20 other cousins have huge rubber band fights at my grandmas house. The parents don't care. I'm a sharp shooter mostly shooting from atop the stair way attacking my enemies.

Step 1: Types of Rubber Bands

I know 4 types of rubber bands. There are many sizes but these are the basic ones you think of when you hear rubber band. The first one (farthest on the right) is the basic rubber band that most of us use in our houses it is ok for rubber band fighting. The next one (to the left of the first) is usually found in super markets binding food together it is flexible and slightly heavier than most making it good for rubber band fights. Then one to the left of that is a thin rubber band also found in kitchens; I do not recommend this for rubber band wars it is light so it loses speed when shot. The last one (furthest to the left) is my favorite, usually found binding paper together. It is long making it more flexible and better to shoot at long range.

Step 2: Shooting a Rubber Band

There are many ways to shoot a rubber band. The one on the right is one of the worst ways but it looks cool because it's in the shape of a gun. The one in the middle uses your index finger to shoot rubber band. The one on the left is what I think to be the best way to shoot a rubber band. The first one includes pulling a rubber band back behind your thumb from your index finger and that loads it. To shoot you put your thumb down. To aim this one look to the side of your thumb and look strait down your index finger. To do the one in the middle out the rubber band behind the nail of your index finger and use your other hand to pull back. The more you pull back the further it goes. The last one put the rubber band behind the nail of your thumb and pull back. Watch out for your knuckles make sure to get them out of your way. To aim on these last two straiten out you arm and lean you head against it having your eye look down your arm.

Step 3: Close Range Combat

When your enemy gets to close there is no need to lose your rubber band. Stretch it out between your thumb and index finger and use your other hand to grab the part of rubber band closest to your palm and pull up or for extra pain pull the rubber band closest to your palm up, grab the other part of the rubber band on top, release the bottom strand and pull the top part up. To attack put your index finger and thumb on your opponent and release.



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    9 years ago on Step 3

    Ah those sting! We also use rolled up wads of paper and have "wasp" fights. Then we have to hide them if a teacher sees them.. They're already banned here

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 3

    well, yes this is one that I think is commonly used