How to Sign PDF for Free

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PDF is one of the most commonly used formats for sending documents because it compress the file and keep them together. Aside from the fact that you can secure the file by adding the password and add watermark to avoid copyright issue, you can also add a signature to it. Hence, scanning your documents back and forth maybe a little hustle most especially when you need to sign important documents.Most of the time we print out some paper works, sign, then scanned them again to be sent online. To much work right? Thanks to the developing technology you don't have to that anymore. There are several applications that you can use to add a signature to your documents. Several were reviewed to help you find the best one that you can use.Let me share one of the Apps that was found useful offline and online.

The app is named LightPDF. It is an online web-based app that you can use online and can be used offline by downloading the application. You can edit, convert, add watermark, split, merge, add signature and password to your PDF file.In addition to that, this app has a user-friendly interface.What makes this app special is it provides several options to add a signature by saving a scanned signature or write a new one.Got excited to use it? Here is a simple guide on how to use this app.

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Step 1: Go to Their Official Website .

Go to their official website to download the application. You can also use this app online without downloading it.

Here is the Link:

Desktop app: After converting the file it will give you an option to try the desktop application. Simply press the "Try desktop " button then it will be automatically downloaded.

Step 2: Sign PDF

Next, choose Sign PDF to add signature on your document

Step 3: Choose a File

Click the blue button in the middle to look for the document

Step 4: Choose the File

Choose the file that you want to edit to start adding the signature

Step 5: Processing

Wait until the document is uploaded

Step 6: Start Adding a Signature

To start adding a signature click the "Feather" icon then choose " Create Signature "

Step 7: Choose

Choose from the saved signature or you can directly upload a saved one.

Step 8: Save

Click this button located on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

Step 9: Conclusion

This application will definitely be a good help for your work to be done efficiently. This app is unlimited use so you don't have to worry about signing up to fully maximize it.



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    1 year ago


    "Go to their official website to download the application. You can also use this app online without downloading it."
    Please post links when you refer to such.
    I'm guessing that it would be: (?)
    However, as far as I can see, LightPDF is an _online_ tool ONLY!!!
    If you have a link to a download, please share, as I can see uses for it beyond signatures (which I'd never dare put in a digital document - no point helping identity thieves :)


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    Mary kristineFOmnivent

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you for that feedback. It is now updated.Thank you.