How to Simulate Android Arduino LED Control Via Bluetooth in Proteus

Introduction: How to Simulate Android Arduino LED Control Via Bluetooth in Proteus

Simulation is a very powerful tool to understand how the device will work .Before start any project, it is a good practice to simulate it and virtually verify that works. Proteus is a simulation software.By using this software Arduino and Bluetooth module can be simulate.

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Step 1: Requirement

1-Arduino IDE

you can download from

2-Proteus isis software

you can download from


3- Arduino library for Proteus

4- Bluetooth library for Proteus

How to add Arduino and Bluetooth Library in to Proteus

Step 2: The Circuit

Proteus files attached

The connections are pretty easy, watch the above image with the circuit schematic.
Some notes:

BT HC-05:

Vcc - 5V




Step 3: The Code

Here's the code,using Codebender

Step 4: Android Application

You can use this application on android smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth support.

(make sure that you have already enabled the "unknown sources" from security settings to install this apk)

If you want to learn how to make an Android APP check my tutorial

Step 5: Configure PC Bluetooth

check this tutorial for Adding COM Port

Step 6: Proteus Simulation

First choice by using COMPIM model that is a Physical Interface Model

in this case you don't have to use Bluetooth module library

Second choice by using Bluetooth module library

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4 Discussions


7 weeks ago

Hello everyone.
I have tested the program with real materiels and it functions perfectly.
My problem is that my PC doesn't have a bluetooth card and so, I can't choose the com port as shown in the video, in order to simulate the solution on Proteus.
Is there a software that can virtualize a bluetooth port ?
I know "Virtual Serial Port Driver" from Eltima Software but it's only for Serial ports. So I can't select it on my virtual smartphone when I click on the "Select BlueTooth" button (as show in the video).
Thanks for your help, see you !


Question 10 months ago on Step 6

I did exactly the same as shown in video.
Still the led is not blinking. Actually it is not able to read the signal. Can you please help me out??


3 years ago

Proteus is copyrighted software. Sharing it via mediafire is probably violating the TOS

ibrahim kamr
ibrahim kamr

Reply 3 years ago

thanks for your advice

editing done