How to Sit on Your Stoop




A fun guide to chilling on your porch in a neighbor-friendly way

Step 1: What You'll Need

I like to sit on my front stoop because I live in the city where it can be easy to catch cabin fever. Sitting on my stoop at different times of day, I get to know the rhythms of and characters in my neighborhood. I like being a familiar face to the people who live around me, from dog walkers and toddlers to gardeners and runners.

Plus, you don't need much to sit on your stoop: just your stoop, and a butt ... preferably your own ...

Step 2: To Avoid Stoop-butt, You Can Sit on a Chair

Like I said, you can just pop a squat on the cement stairs. If you plan to sit for hours on end, you may want to invest in a more comfortable seat, like this retro weave jobbie or an Adirondack chair.

Step 3: Invite Friends ...

Your neighbors, young and old, make good stoop-sittin' friends, especially when they're smiley like these guys.

Fuzzy pets also make nice stoop buddies. I notice when I sit on my stoop with my cat, people are more likely to say hi.

Step 4: Or Have Some "me-time" on Your Stoop

Read a book or stretch after you exercise ... either way, it's more fun on the porch.

(Less picture-friendly activities including clipping/painting your nails, brushing aforementioned fuzzy pet, or writing your personal manifesto.)

Step 5: Smile at Passers-by

Don't stare down people when they walk by. Make eye contact and smile, or even give a small wave. If you don't feel up to smiling, it's probably a good night to sit on your back porch.

Step 6: Keep a Tidy Stoop for Enjoyable Sitting.

Give back to your stoop!

Sweep it clean from time to time.
Add some plantings.

Your porch may not be your temple, but it can be an oasis, so lively it up!



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    12 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    i prefer to look like part of the building. however, if i was social, this would be a great instructable. so good job!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I sadly don't really have a stoop that I care to sit on. I garden on it sometimes, but most of my neighbors are drunken idiots that make me nervous. :P


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, that's a stoop!

    Nice Instructable - very friendly to the inhabitants of your environment.


    That's a bummer! Not even a little curb? I have a cat, so every place I get has to come with a stoop or she would be inconsolable.

    Great instructable! It actually took me a while to figure out how to sit comfortably on my stoop. Adding a comfortable chair really helped because I sort of can't stand just sitting without my back totally supported; I'm a wimp. And the waving to people passing by is key. Otherwise you start to feel like you're just part of the building. And that's no fun.