How to Slip Slip Knit (SSK)

Introduction: How to Slip Slip Knit (SSK)

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SSK is a great technique to add to your knitting knowledge! It can sound intimidating at first, but you’ll love how incredibly easy it is! It is a decreasing stitch that simply means to “slip slip knit”. After this, you will be able to tackle any knitting project with this stitch!

Step 1: Slip the First Stitch on the Left Needle As If to Knit, Onto Your Right Needle

Step 2: This Is What Your First Slipped Stitch Will Look Like

Step 3: Slip the Next Stitch on Your Left Needle, Onto Your Right Needle

Step 4: Two Stitches Slipped Onto Right Needle

Step 5: Now, Insert Your Left Needle Through the Fronts of Both Stitches on Your Right Needle

Step 6: Wrap Your Working Yarn Around Your Right Needle and Knit Them Together As You Would a Regular Knit Stitch

Step 7: You've Finished Your First Slip Slip Knit!

There you have a finished SSK! Wasn’t that easy?! I hope this helps
you in your knitting journey, and gives you the skills to keep on knitting! Want to try this stitch out on something fun…find it on my patterns here: The Fox Hat & Cowl Set or The Mermaid Braid Beanie

Happy Knitting!

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