How to Solve Sanborn' S Kryptos: Part 11- K4 Final Solution Part 2




The final steps to reveal another message in Kryptos.

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Step 1: Who Knows the Exact Location? Only WW

This is the matrix that we developed in Part 10 of this series.

The coordinates in K2 actually hide a simple coded message. The end message has no bearing on solving Kryptos. It is the methods that we use to find the message that are important. You can review this process by looking at

Part 1 of the series.

Those methods are actually critical for finding the solution.

Step 2: ID BY ROWS

Part 1 of the series covers some of the rules for solving Kryptos.

Step 3: Alphabetic Addition

Another one of the methods we used to decode the message in the K2 coordinates in Part 1 of this series.

Step 4: Word Scramble Anyone?

As mentioned before, Sanborn uses elements from crossword, word scramble, and word search puzzles. Something you see in your morning paper every day.

The use of X as a wildcard is covered in Part 9 of the series.

We left out one little detail in this step. During the alphabetic addition on the matrix, we came up with two K's. When we got to the word scramble, one of the K's had been transformed into an E. This is not an error and is in fact in keeping with Sanborn's rules for solving the puzzle. Fun Challenge: Determine the method used in this transformation.

Step 5: More Wildcards

Step 6: Another Crossword Puzzle Clue

The question mark is used in crossword puzzles and it infers that the answer involves some kind of wordplay. Other examples where Sanborn used it in Kryptos: SOS? See the penny? See part of title? CLOCK -- See Lock?

Step 7: Pattern Matching

Step 8: Done


Now we know why he wanted the first ten letters to the solution in his original 'kryptosclue' site. Get it? TEN -TAN

Step 9: Still More Work to Be Done

That was pretty interesting!

Step 10: The Secret of Kryptos

The Final Piece of the Puzzle - Part I



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