How to Solve Sanborn's Kryptos: Part 10 - K4 Final Solution Part 1

Introduction: How to Solve Sanborn's Kryptos: Part 10 - K4 Final Solution Part 1

The final steps to see what K4 will reveal.

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Step 1: Previous Incorrect K4 Key Placement

From Part 4 of this series, we learned that K4 was a key. In fact, it is in the shape of a key.

From Part 6, we found that K2 is the doorway that the K4 key fits into.

Step 2: Correct K4 Key Placement

Step 3: Showing How It Actually Fits

Step 4: Alignment of Patterns in K4 and K2

Notice the VWXZ pattern that we came up with in Part 5.

Step 5: Couldn't Have Solved It Without This

Step 6: BERLIN

Step 7: CLOCK

There are lots of doors to go through to get to the meaning of the code. Every time you enter one doorway you might, in the distance, see another door. You go through that doorway and then you go through another doorway. It unfolds as it's deciphered.”

Jim Sanborn: November, 2005 CNN Jamie McIntyre video

Step 8:

The double letters tell us to also look for some double letters in K2.

The double letters also appear as part of the final solution. The letters and number of occurrences are: B(1), L(2), Q(1), N(1), S(2), Z(4), T(1)

Step 9:

These patterns will merge when the key is properly positioned.

Step 10:

The K4 key acts like a real key. Most of the work is done by the end part of the key. Most of the final solution involves this section.

Step 11: Matrix Ready for Solving

The second part of the final solution is in Part 11 of this series.

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