How to Solve Sanborn's Kryptos: Part 9 - K3 Palimpsest

How to uncover the layer two message in K3.


Step 1: Abscissa and Palimpsest Are Clues

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Step 2: The Matrix Is Crucial

Step 3: Elonka Has Done All the Work for Us

Step 4: The Clues

Step 5: Use the Clues to Find the Message

Step 6: Make It Fit

Step 7: Word Search Puzzles Are Fun!

The use of wildcards and how they relate to Kryptos can be found in Part 4.

Step 8: The Complete Layer Two Message

Some examples of crossword puzzles wordplay can be found here: Part 2

Step 9: Final Clue

Step 10: K1 and K3

The method to find the K1 layer two message can be found here: Part 8

Step 11:



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