How to Solve Sanborn's Kryptos: the Final Piece of the Puzzle - Part 2

Introduction: How to Solve Sanborn's Kryptos: the Final Piece of the Puzzle - Part 2

The final piece of the Kryptos puzzle.

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Step 1: Finding a Vector

Same technique is used in misspelled DIGETAL - Extra space after the E (dot), room for another dot: (dot dot) = I

In Part 3, Step 5 of this series, we deconstructed the letter 'N' into its Morse code components. Now we are doing exactly the opposite.

Step 2: The Extra Space in DIGETAL

Normal spacing between Morse Code letters is shown by Arrow B. The extra space in after the E in DIGETAL is clearly evident by Arrow A.

Step 3: Room for Another Dot.

Step 4: The Arrowhead As a Pointer

Step 5: More Subtle Clues

Step 6: Dig Here

Step 7: You Don't Have Anything Pulled Over Your Eyes.

He's pulled the wool over their eyes.

* Elonka's transcript of Sanborn's interview by ABC's John Martin in 1991.

Step 8:

Step 9: The K4 Clues

The Phoenix constellation also has 7 points.

Fun Challenge: What figure does the Phoenix Tangram form?

Step 10: Look Up

Step 11: Longitude and Latitude

Step 12: The End

Actually, the Phoenix constellation is in the southern hemisphere and would not be visible from Kryptos' location. So it is still totally invisible but you can determine its position by the magnetic heading nevertheless.

Fun Challenge: Find the allusion to the southern hemisphere in Kryptos. Hint: Coriolis Force

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    3 months ago

    wow, so this is the end? so you solved it? So K4's message was not meant to be decoded but meant for us to find something here at the CIA?