How to Solve the 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube




Introduction: How to Solve the 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube

About: hello, my name is ilya and i like the rubik's cube.

The thing you need for this is a rubik's cube. I will teach you the algorithms or movesets.

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Step 1: Knowing the Cube

Most of you will be beginners, or maybe you know a bit.I will show you how the pieces and how the cube is set up:

The centre pieces. They will always stay in the middle and never move.

The edge pieces. They have 2 stickers and always stay on the edge.

And finally the corner pieces. The have 3 stickers and always stay in the corner.

Step 2: The White Cross

As the title suggests this is a white cross. This part has no algorithms. Look in the pictures on how to do it. It is important that it is done so green edge goes with green middle etc. You will probably need to move the pieces around a bit, i was just quite lucky.

P.S If you were speed cubing (trying get the fastest time) just pick the side which is most done.

Step 3: Full White Top and First Layer.

This part also has no algorithms. Look in the pictures. Hopefully you understand. If not try looking this part on youtube. I will not be commenting on the pictures.

Step 4: Second Layer

I find this part easier but you do have to remember the algorithm. I will not show the pictures. I recommend you just practice these algorithm. Look in the pictures or here:

First remember this:

Top Layer (Up) = U

Bottom Layer (Down) = D

Right Layer = R

Left Layer = L

Front Layer = F

Back Layer =B

Clockwise = C

Anti Clockwise (Counter Clockwise) = CC

To Move Left: U=CC, L=CC, U=C, L=C, U=C, F=C, U=CC, F=CC

To Move Right: U=C, R=C, U=CC, R=CC, U=CC, F=CC, U=C, F=C

Hopefully its not to hard for you understand.

Step 5: Top Part (Yellow)

This isn't to hard but is quite hard. Also remember the letters, like cc, c ect.

Use this algorithm. Keep using it until all edges are there. F=C U=C R=C U=CC R=CC F=CC

This is what will make it correct. this is the algorithm. R=C U=C R=CC U=C R=C U2* R=CC

* Turn it any way.

Step 6: Last Step

This is the last step. This is how your cube will look like. You will need to line it up like in the picture. Hold this at the back.

Use this algorithm. Remember to hold it at the back.* The Corner Switch: R=CC, F=C, R=CC, B=2, R=C, F=CC, R=CC, B=2, R=2

After that all of the stickers should be like that. If you need to move the stickers right use this, if you need to move them left use the one beneath. Right Circle: R=2, U=C, R=C, U=C, R=CC, U=CC, R=CC, U=CC, R=CC, U=C, R=CC

Left Circle: R=C, U=CC, R=C, U=C, R=C, U=C, R=C, U=CC, R=CC, U=CC, R=2

* If you don't have one like that hold any at the back at do the algorithm 2 times.

Step 7: Well Done

Well done if you did it. If not, keep trying!

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    Reply 3 years ago

    C is clockwise, CC is counter clockwise

    L is left, U is up, D is down, R is right, B is back, F is front

    L=C, R=C, U=C, D=C, B=C, F=C

    L'=CC, R'=CC, U'=CC, D'=CC, B'=CC, F'=CC


    3 years ago

    The notation here is so weird, with all the CC and C and stuff.


    4 years ago

    dude the person last replied two years ago. if anything your the rude one for throwing insults.


    4 years ago

    bu what if it is hard to understand?


    4 years ago

    cool, finally solved one!!!!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Rubik's cubes always gave me a headache! I'm impressed with anyone that can solve one. Thank you for sharing these steps!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    No problem. I will try to make a video sometime.