How to Solve the First Layer of a Rubix Cube #HMS2018

This is one of the ways to solve the first layer of a rubix cube

Material: all you need is a rubix cube

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Step 1: Starting the White Cross

first what you want to do is get the white parts on the yellow side.

Step 2: Matching Up the Sides

Then you want to match up the sides and flip it twice. I forgot to take a picture of the blue side but yeah do the same with that.

Step 3: Getting the White Cross.

once you line up the sides and flip it twice it should look like this.

Step 4: Then You Have to Do the Corners

There are different ways to solve for the corners. If one of the white pieces is on the bottom then match up the color on the side of the white part with the middle part and then turn it away from you and pull down the top and bring over the white piece. If one of the white pieces is on the top then bring it down turn it away from you on the bottom pull the piece back up, Then the white piece should be on the bottom.

Step 5: Then You Have Finished the First Layer

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    1 year ago

    Great rubiks cube info! Are you planning on sharing the other steps to solve?