How to Solve the Gear Ball Rubik's Cube




I'm going to show you how to solve the Gear Ball Rubik's Cube. Even though it says that it is rated 5 stars for difficulty, it is literally easier than the 2x2.


Step 1: Edges

choose a color to start with. In this tutorial, I'll be using orange. Bring the edges of your color up to the center. you should form a 'cross' or a plus sign.

Step 2: Corners

Here it gets a little difficult and time consuming. I create my own algorithms, so in my tutorials, I will be using them. If I say RD it means Right side Down. BL would mean Back side Left, where you would turn the back of the cube left. This means you do not need to move the cube around or face another side, unless instructed. If you are a little confused, just leave a comment at the end.

L means left. R means right. T means top. D means down/bottom. F means front. B means back.

So, you may have your first side complete, or, like the picture above, you may have some other colors in the corners of your face. Here's the algorithm to solve this problem. Face the side, so your initial color is at the top.

RD, DR (NOTE: at this point, turn your ball 45 degrees to your right) RU, DL (NOTE: turn cube back to your left.) RD.

That will replace two corners. Do that until you have that face the same color.

You may be ready to finish up the whole thing, or your corners might not be in the right place like mine (picture 2)

To fix it. Do the algorithm once, then move the ball to your right and repeat the step. This will align the corners. (Picture 3)

Step 3: Finishing Up

Now, your edges might not line up with the corners. No problem. Flip one of the sides twice, move the bottom layer once, and flip one of the sides twice again. This will align the edges with the corners.

If some of the gears between the edges are not aligned (picture 2) flip any side 4 times or 360 degrees. after 1 or 2 tries, the gear will align with the corners.

TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!! You did it! If you didn't understand completely, leave a comment below



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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    This is a joke, right? Your notation is missing vital information- how far do you turn a side, 90 degrees or 180? And how exactly am I supposed to turn the sphere 45 degrees and then turn a side when none of the axis face me with the sphere rotated 45 degrees? You should seriously consider deleting this instructable.


    2 years ago

    This was very helpful! I had a couple mixed corners but when I did the algorithm to fix them, it sent me straight to the finish. I did not have to do step 3! Thanks very much


    2 years ago

    Yeah I tried understanding this and it didn't work for me. You did say it's easier than the 2x2, and solving that is easy. But this is not. I don't truly understand your notation as it is unlike any others I have learned, and I don't really know how far I'm supposed to turn each side, it's not like a cube, it's a sphere. Maybe a video guide would be better?


    2 years ago

    in set one I can get all the crosses exept for two how do ou swap them?