How to Sort K'nex in a Day

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Hello everyone and welcome to yet another K'nex Instructable!

Here is how to sort a lot of K'nex in one day. Just follow the steps and your room will DOUBLE in size just because you sorted your K'nex, is that amazing or what! Well what are we waiting for lets pull out the old Sorting Hat and begin.

Step 1: Set Up

Its time to pull out that radio of yours and put it to use. The first step is to gather ALL your K'nex in one big pile, the loose pieces and the built pieces.

Step 2: Methods

Now there is two ways to take apart and sort K'nex.

A: sort it and put it away at the same time or

B: first take it apart and make a big pile, and then sort it.

Step 3: Method 1

The first method and my preferred method is to sort as you take apart it's quite easy, it just takes time lots of time.

Step 4: Method 2

The second method is only a little different its to break down all your pieces into one gigantic pile and then sort it. It takes about same if not more than the previous method.

Step 5: What to Sort

If your wondering: "where are all the connectors?" then the answer is that I threw all the non-micro connectors into one big box. If you want to sort them go right ahead that is fine with me.

One excellent tip is to put all the pieces into piles and then put them in boxes or containers that way you know what size container to put those pieces in depending on how much there is of them.

Step 6: Storage

Once you have your K'nex in piles put them into boxes and containers. I recently bought these awesome tool boxes from my local hardware store. These containers are really handy when sorting K'nex.

If your wondering what to sort the rods in well what I did is use some plastic drawers.

Step 7: DONE

Congratulations you have sorted your K'nex! Remember to:






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    2 years ago

    I buy my Knex in bulk from Ebay... I spend days in front of my computer watching Netflix and sorting my new goodies. I've done this so many times, I have to research bigger storage options for my rods and connectors. My collection of Micro Knex goes into wall mounted storage bins.. I think I need to start over with a bigger Knex building room... sigh....

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    Here is a tip for getting really cheap knex, do you know if there is any Value Village(look it up) or any big second hand store near you if so you can get a lot of cheap knex. I got a 35 dollar set for about 15-10 dollars. you might see sets that were used very little or just bags of knex.


    Reply 2 years ago

    I go to Goodwill stores all the time to see what I can find.. Also I enjoy going to yard sales... you can never know what treasure you can get for next to nothing. When I bid on items on Ebay, I have a $5.00 rule on open bid items... I bid just $5.00... if I don't win.. oh well... but I have gotten some great sets and big bulk boxes... its just the luck of the draw.

    Whats up linkin! I've posted an assault rifle a little while ago if you want to check it out. You posted anything? Anyway it was nice talking to you again man!


    2 years ago

    Hahaha... 1 Day.... :(...
    that is the only drawback if you have a lot of k'nex. I 'm at least 5 days busy with it

    Mixin LV

    2 years ago

    I sorted all of mine in 2003? i think, I was building a few things n had problems searching for pieces, I used freezer bags and sandwich bags then put all rods in one k'nex storage bin, connectors in another, tires gears n motors in the solar knex bin, K'nex men parts n spacers in the smallest K'nex bin, and finally all the metallic colored k'nex pieces in the robot world bin. I have more K'nex pieces then what the bins could hold so I leave 5-7 K'nex cars sitting around as decorated. I hope my Comment helps with others trying to sort.

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