How to Speed Read

Introduction: How to Speed Read

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This is an introduction into accelerated reading. It is a combination of a series of programs that I have read through and a synthesis of the techniques that worked for me.



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    I have not tried this, but I believe i know what its like. Personally I read quite quickly and while some people say i just skim over it, i just absorbe it all at once rather then reading each word. *thumbs up*

    Do you eventually do this without having to think A E I O U or will you always end up thinking A E I O U?

    did any 1 try this ? Tell me if it worked for you then I will give it a try . I will feel real dumb if i do this a e i o u for a week then get u r so dumb! if it works then - GREAT JOB !

    Cool! Sounded like BS at first, but now it makes sense! Great job!