How to Spread the Love With the Toy Society




Introduction: How to Spread the Love With the Toy Society

Now. This is some good fun:

If you have a bit of time on your hands and some handmade softies that you can bear to give away, become a member of The Toy Society! It's like a secret society of crafty toymakers who "spread the love along the streets" around the world.

Check out Lola, the doll I "dropped" at

Step 1: Contact the Toy Society for Details.

Check out The Toy Society to get all of the info you need. Once you receive your email, make a cool softie or doll to donate. I suggest using one of your best protoypes so as to not suffer from too much separation anxiety. Lola, here, is a prototype. I love her to pieces, but she's not the doll that I want to sell. Over time, I've generated a lot of almost-there dolls and am happy to find The Toy Society to lighten my load.

Step 2: Make the Necessary Tag and Letter...

...and stuff your doll into a Ziploc bag. (This is the most morbid, but necessary step.)

Step 3: Take Your Shades to Turn Yourself Into the Incognito Observer.

Because once you "drop" your toy, you'll want to hang around to see if you get any instant bites!

Step 4: Find a Busy Spot in Your City and "Drop" Your Doll.

Step 5: Wait for Innocent Bystanders...

...if you like, but please, please don't encourage them to pick up your doll. Remember The Toy Society is a secret society :D

Remember to take pictures and follow the steps of The Toy Society to see your sneaky work in action!



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    Really great idea.. I have lots of unloved toys now because of the new ones that have taken their place and for the most part I take them to Goodwill or I will ask the social worker at our school if they know of anybody that could used some greatly loved but gently used toys!

    thanks so much for posting this! when i was 6 I used to walk around my parents store giving away stuffed animals i won out to babies and little kids.(when i was 7) and now i can make the toys and do it secretly!

    I used to live near northcross mall. A pic from my r/c plane over park near mopac loop 1


    great ideas are so simple... just like this one!
    absolutely brilliant!
    thanks! =D

    What about the tons of toys I have already? Can I leave rescue heroes, lego, dragons, Dora, etc?

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    Lol! I have a bin with the same problem! With The Toy Society, you would have to make a handmade toy or doll, but how cool would it be to make your own Take-This-Toy-I-Can't-Stand-To-Step-On-It-Anymore! society? ;)

    sounds like the kind of thing the toysoldiers do.

    it sort of a fan club for a guy named doctor steel who is a crazy toymaker.
    he wants to build a playland utopia and bring childhood fun back with toys and games.

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    you should sign up and make the toy society a mission. people there love this kind of stuff.

    Good idea! Reminds me of the folks who spread used books around on

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