How to Stand Up in a Street Fight! (Instructable)

Intro: How to Stand Up in a Street Fight! (Instructable)

This situation is where one combatant is knocked down, and the other remains standing up. I will demonstrate how to get back to your feet safely while an opponent is standing over you throwing punches and kicks.

Step 1: Opponent Pushes You Down

You and your opponent are getting into an argument (image1). Your opponent gets angry and pushes you (image2).

Step 2: How to Break Your Fall

Anytime you're falling make sure you bend your knees (image1). Tuck your chin in to your chest to break your fall (image2). Your hands are going to slap the ground at a 45 degree angle.

*NOTE* DO NOT break your fall by slapping your forearms/hands against the pavement when breaking your fall on a hard surface like the street or sidewalk, . You can injure yourself. Just bend your knees, tuck your chin, and roll on your back. You should ONLY use your hands/forearms to break your fall (like I demonstrated on the video) on a soft surface.

Step 3: Opponent Tries to Punch or Kick You While You're on Your Back.

Do NOT try to get up (just yet) if your opponent gets too close to you. Up kick (or bicycle kick) your opponent's face if your opponent is trying to punch or kick you (image 1 and 2). You can also kick towards your opponent's knee (image3).

Step 4: How to Sit Up

Now it's time to sit up once your opponent backs off a bit. Rock yourself up, and tilt your body to one side. Put your right hand close to your hip, left elbow resting your knee, hand in front of your face to protect your head and face. You're now in your protective position (image1). If your opponent rushes you with punches and kicks you can fall down to your back with your feet drawn up ready to up kick (image2). Once your opponent backs off then you can return to the seated position (image 1).

Step 5: Knee Kick

Now created a little more space between yourself and your opponent. You can create a little more space before you stand up. Balance the weight on your left foot/right hand, and throw a kick towards your opponent's lead knee with the bottom of your foot. Keep your hand in front of your face for protection.

Step 6: Time to Stand Up!

Now that your opponent retreated a little now it's time to stand up! Balance the weight on your left foot and right hand, and lift yourself up off the ground. Make sure your left hand is up the whole time.

Step 7: Ready to Fight!

Now straighten up your body to your fighting stance. This move is done very fast. You can drill this move with a partner or solo.

Make sure to check out my video on the "Intro" page of this instructional. I also have this video in the "video section" of





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    11 Discussions


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Firstly if you were falling back like that you should have immediatly used the momentum to roll backwards back up.

    General Eggskotarski

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I've seen someone try to use the momentum to roll back up. It doesn't work because when they get up they're disoriented a little and the attacker will beat the living daylights out of them. Trust me, I take mma classes, it doesn't work.


    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing both and I certainly hope it helps anyone who needs it when the time comes.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    i was watching a mma fight the other day where a guy tryed to jumo using that kung fu jump up where they flip up onto there feet, like on the matrix and half through the other guy kicked him in the chest and lade him out, really funny

    cool ima start to buff up a bit so i wont get pushed around in high school(freshmen) so yea this is cool i wished i would have read this long ago THIS COULD HAVE CHANGED THE OUTCOME OF THE FIGHT. thx though

    Yes I did. I posted this in the video section. Lebowski suggested that I should make a step-by-step Instructable with text + pictures in addition to my videos instead of just posting videos. So I took his advice and made the Instructable. Thanks for watching!