How to Start Playing Yu-Gi-Oh!

Want to start Playing Yu-gi-oh? Then this is the 'ible For you!

Step 1: Build a Deck

This can Be Crucial! If you have a mixed bunch of cards...That doesn't always work, so my reccomendation. Buy a Starter/Structure deck. My Current Pick is the Samurai Warlords Structure deck. This deck is a great begginers choice, and is a Current Meta deck (Popular deck) This deck holds Six Samurai Monsters, Not litteraly Six of them, their name is the Six samurai.

Step 2: Practice

Make Sure you Know the rules Inside and out. Know your deck and Strategies can win or lose a game, so if your plan works, Build on it, make it better, if you need a way to practice Cheaply, Go to, they are an online Yu-Gi-Oh! Gaming Site. You Can test decks, Play around with strategy, and more.

Step 3: Have Fun!

Remember this isn't a World War. so you can enjoy the game, just don't be a total idiot and ruleshark (Tell them the rule as if they are going to be Disqualified.) the Heck out of people



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    2 years ago

    Dueling Network is shut down now. If u want to play online, you will have to get DevPRO or YGOPRO.


    3 years ago

    Shame Dueling Network had al of their Artworks removed :(