How to Start a Fire With a Cell Phone Battery

Introduction: How to Start a Fire With a Cell Phone Battery

I show how to start a fire using a cell phone or smartphone battery. To do this you will need foil paper and a cell phone battery. The foil paper can be found from cigarette/chocolate packaging and various other products. Then you will need to cut or tear a thin long strip of the foil and make the ends so they can easily make contact with the phone battery. Carefully crumple the strip, so that the flame will not easily be blown out. Remove the battery from the phone and attach the ends of the strip to the positive and negative terminals on the battery. As the current passes through the foil, it heats up and ignites the foil paper. The phone battery has a built in protection circuit so the foil strip should be as thin and long as possible. This is so it won’t prevent the fire from starting. This can also be done with an AA battery and a foil gum wrapper. But when using an AA battery cut the foil paper strip to have a narrow spot in the center.

This technique can be used in a survival scenario where a fire is necessary but matches and lighters are not available. When done properly it is fairly safe, but if done improperly it can be potentially dangerous. So take all of the necessary safety precautions into account if you attempt this. The foil paper gets hot very quickly and you can burn yourself if you are not careful.

Step 1: Materials

- Cell Phone Battery

- Foil Paper

Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)

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    3 years ago

    Or, just buy a crate of Samsung Galaxy S7's ... They're probably quite readily available second hand right about now. :)