How to Start a Fire With a Light Bulb





Introduction: How to Start a Fire With a Light Bulb

I show how a clear incandescent light bulb can be used to start a fire. First the bottom of the light bulb is broken off then the filament is removed. The bulb is then filled with water and is ready to use on a sunny day. The light can be focused onto a single point. A tinder bundle can be used and once it is smoldering you can lightly blow air into the tinder bundle until you have a fire. This method of starting a fire will also work for other clear round containers.

Step 1: Watch the Video



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    Didn't CrazyRussianHacker on youtube show how to do this???

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    Because there is noble gas in lamps which does not get mixed with other stuff , so it won't burn but just make light . When a bulb cracks , oxygen gets in there and as you know , oxygen burns . It's a good fire though , as the tungsten can withstand heat a lot and only melts at 2500 , so the bulb keeps burning for a while .