How to Start a Garden With an Aerogarden




Hi! I'm going to attempt to show that you can use an AeroGarden to start your garden before planting them in your outdoor garden space. This is my first Instructable so please be kind. ?

And as you can see, I will plant in just about anything ?

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Step 1: Start Your First Seeds

I have a 6-pod AreoGarden. I started with a "Grow anything" box that I put my own seeds in. I "planted" cauliflower, watermelon, two types of bell pepper and two types of tomatoes.

Step 2: Watch Your Garden Grow

Make sure you add your nutrients every two weeks and add water as needed. I try to check the water level every couple of days, I had an herb garden growing when I went on vacation. When I got back a week later the thyme couldn't be saved and the rest were pretty damaged from lack of water.

You may notice that some seeds germinate quicker that others. As you can see, my plants are at different levels of growth.

Step 3: Transfer Your Starts

Once your plants get big enough you can move them to a larger pot. Only move them outside after your risk of frost has passed unless they are cold hardy. I've already moved my cauliflower out that I started at the same time as the other plants. After you transfer a plant you should either place another plant or put a spacer in your AeroGarden. I placed a lettuce pod where the cauliflower had been.

Step 4: Continue to Seed Start and Build Your Garden

You can continue to start your seeds to get your garden started before you move them outside.

Here are some pictures of my previous herb garden that was started in the AeroGarden. Thank you for reading my instructable!

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    Interesting way to early start your garden plants. Does an aerogarden get the plants started faster than just planting them in potting soil?

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