How to Start a YouTube Channel

Hey, Everyone! Lucas here from LetsGetGaming and today I will show you how to make a YouTube Channel! You can watch my first video here.

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Step 1: Create a Google Account. (If You Haven't Already)

Creating a Google Account is big! This step is mandatory to Create a YouTube channel. PS: You get an email account, blog creator, and Most importantly, Youtube!

Step 2: Create a Video!

First, Start up your video recording software. You guys can spend, I don't know how much money. I use freebies. Like, Cattura Capturecast for Google Chrome. My PS4 Videos are directly from my PS4. Then, GAME ON!!! Lastly, Go to YouTube. Upload that baby up!

Step 3: There You Go!

Congrats! You've created a youtube channel! I hope you are a very good youtuber, and I wish you luck!

Step 4: PS:

I just might make you an Ad for Money....

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