How to Stop Mobs Entering Your Home

Are you tired of mobs entering or even making it to your home? If so then this is for you.

Step 1:

First dig out you space.For this to work you should probably do it 5 or more wide and 3 or more blocks deep.

Step 2:

If you want (you don't have to) fill the bottom with something.

Step 3:

Place a sign on the block in the middle at one end.Then crouch and place the sign going along to the other side.

Step 4:

Crouch and place carpet of your choice on the signs.

Step 5:

build a wall of some sort otherwise the mobs will just go around.

Step 6:

You've finished!Congratulations.Also if you are on creative and you spawn a mob on the carpet it will just stand still.



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    The RoyalN

    10 months ago

    Spiders can go over walls :)