How to Stop Nativelog.txt From Appearing/being Created on Dekstop (minecraft)

Introduction: How to Stop Nativelog.txt From Appearing/being Created on Dekstop (minecraft)

So you wanted to play minecraft but there's that nativelog.txt file that keeps being created on dekstop even though you delete it every time? Well, it's a file that the minecraft launcher automaticaly creates for it's own purposes, but here's an super easy fix!

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Step 1: Getting Things Ready

Before we do anything you need to check one thing:
The minecraft file you double-click to launch the game - is it the launcher itself (.exe), or is it a shortcut (.ink)?

To check that you'll need to right-click on the file and choose properties.

Then go to general tab and check the file type.

Step 2: Fixing the Problem (Executable File; .exe)

If the file on your desktop is an .exe file then what you need to do is:

•Move that file to another folder (for example: Program Files\Minecraft).

•Create a shortcut to that file by right clicking on it (after moving it to another directory) and choosing create shortcut.

Move the shortcut to your desktop

Now go to step 3 where we fix the problem

Step 3: Editing the Shortcut (.ink)

If you have the shortcut on your desktop right click on it and go to properties.
Then do the following:

•Go to shortcut tab.

See the target and start in edit boxes?
The target determines what executable to launch, and the start in tells it where it's start directory should be.
Don't get it? Minecraft will create the nativelog.txt in it's start directory which is where the shortcut is places by default.

So, to fix your annoying problem just copy the target and paste it in start in.
Then, delete the last part of the path, including the backslash ("\") as shown on the screenshot.
For example: If your target path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\Minecraft\MinecraftLauncher.exe"
then your start in path should be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft".

That'll make minecraft create it's runtime files in that specific folder (which you can ofcourse change to whatever you want).

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