How to Store Bread Board Jump Wires




My bread board jumper wires for electronic experiments are stored in box in a mess. Wires with different lengths are mixed. Sometimes, it is very difficult to find the right length of wire. In addition, in many cases I am looking for wire with the length, which is not available. To prevent such situation, I made small improvement. This solution is described in simple, one step Instructables

Step 1: Making Order in Wires.

To make order with wires, you need some tubing with different diameter, depending on the number of wires. It could be any tubing, does not need to be heat shrink. I used heat shrink one, because was available.

Sort wires according lengths and put the same lengths in bundle. Cut tubing to distance about 5 cm. Insert bundle of wires to the tubing. Mark each tubing by permanent marker with value of length.. The thicker ends of jumpers prevent them from slipping out of tubing. If number of wires is larger then tubing diameter, use two tubing for the same length.

Put bundles of wires back to the box and try to keep wires in its tubing - this is the most difficult part.



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    2 years ago

    Excellent idea. Wires are the worst for trying to get them organized.