How to Store Tights and Stockings by Tying Them Into Simple Knots




Introduction: How to Store Tights and Stockings by Tying Them Into Simple Knots

Have you ever wanted to store tights neatly in a drawer? Read this guide for a simple knotting trick that I seriously just randomly thought of earlier today while cleaning my room!

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Step 1: Get Some Tights and Fold Them in Half.

I got these at a thrift store.

Step 2: Drape the Tights Over Your Hand.

It is especially important that you leave about 3/4 of the tights in front of your hand and 1/4 of it behind your hand (you will use the longer part to make the knot). In the picture you can see that the tights are draped in this way.

Step 3: Wrap the Longer Side Over Your Hand 2-3 Times.

Actual times depends on the length of the tights. I also found that lace or loosely knitted tights required an extra "loop" around my hand.

Also, make sure that the tail end of the tights that you wrapped ends facing down in your hand. This should leave you with one end facing up (I use my thumb to hold it in place) and one facing down.

Step 4: Place the Down Facing End Across and Under the Knots.

The end facing down is shown as the diagonal strap in between my index finger and thumb in the picture, wrapped across the loops and under them, bringing a very short end out at the bottom left side. In other words, just wrap the rest of the longer part around itself and back to where it was, where it will face diagonally away your hand.

Step 5: Take Your Hand Out of the Knot and Gently Pull on the Two Ends.

Voila! You should have a simple little knot that has made your tights a little more compact but still organized!

Questions/comments appreciated.

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    4 Discussions


    10 months ago on Step 2

    brilliant. I appreciate showing which end goes up and which goes down. I've been tying my tights in a knot for a while, but it's been almost just as awful as a drawer full of tights just thrown in there. I hadn't been folding them in half, or wrapping around my palm like that. this is really going to make getting cute so much less stressful! thanks


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Genius! Mine always turn into a demented octopus when I try to pull one pair out of my dresser.