How to String a Hemodialysis Machine

Introduction: How to String a Hemodialysis Machine

How to String a Hemodialysis Machine

What you will need: 1 saline bag, 1 arterial line (red tips), 1 venus line (blue tips), 1 saline line, 1 dialyzer.

Step 1: remove lines from packaging and separate them.

Step 2: hang saline bag from hanger attached to the machine. (shown in top right corner of picture)

Step 3: place dialyzer in clamp on the right side of the machine (below saline bag shown in picture)

Step 4: take your venous line and place the drip chamber into the clasp located on the far right of the machine next to the blood pump

Step 5: take your top connector on the venous line and attach it to the top of your dialyzer.

Step 6: take your arterial line and feed it into the blood pump loop located in the center of the machine

Step 6: connect your short end of arterial line to the bottom connection of the dialyzer

Step 7: take the remaining end of your venous line and connect it to your remaining end of your arterial line (blue to red)

Step 8: connect the bottom end up saline line to saline segment on the arterial line

Step 9: spike saline bag with sharp end of saline line to release saline into the arterial lines which inhibits the priming stage.

Materials Arterial & Venous Lines Saline Line & Bag Dialyzer

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